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Montclair Divorce Mediation

Montclair Divorce Mediation provides divorce mediation services to New Jersey couples who are contemplating how to divorce. We understand how stressful the N.J. divorce process is for you and to your family, especially the children. One of the main goals at Montclair Divorce Mediation is to make the divorce process much less traumatic for you and your family. To accomplish this we help couples engage in the divorce process by focusing the dialog, resolving disputes and providing solutions guided by a trained Accredited New Jersey divorce mediator that will ultimately result in a mutually satisfactory comprehensive agreement. Your settlement agreement will be fair and reasonable detailing the division of all financial assets, debts, alimony, child support, and co-parenting issues. Montclair Divorce Mediation is committed to helping you resolve all issues and get divorced without costing you a fortune.

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