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Montclair Divorce Mediation is solely dedicated to the divorce mediation process

About Us

Montclair Divorce Mediation is among the few divorce mediation services in New Jersey solely dedicated to the divorce mediation process.

Nicholas De Metro (Nick), a highly skilled, empathic, solution-oriented New Jersey divorce mediator provides a non-threatening forum for couples to discuss and negotiate the various aspects of their divorce. As a licensed New Jersey attorney, Mr. De Metro assists couples in the multitude of options available to them, and about the legalities involved with divorce. He is particularly adept at assisting couples develop creative solutions to the complex issues that arise during divorce negotiations. Mr. De Metro has a very high degree of success in achieving divorce settlements even when there is a reluctant angry spouse involved.

Nick De Metro has been practicing law since 1991. Based upon his years of experience as a New Jersey divorce attorney, he has witnessed first-hand how emotionally and financially destructive the divorce litigation process can be on the entire family. He has dedicated himself to helping others through divorce mediation by limiting the emotional and economic pain which divorce causes. Therefore, Nick De Metro now devotes his entire practice to divorce mediation in Northern New Jersey.

The Montclair Divorce Mediation Approach
Nick De Metro strongly encourages couples planning to divorce to utilize the divorce mediation process because it provides both spouses with more control over the terms and conditions of their divorce and their future; this is not possible with divorce litigation. Mr. De Metro takes a practical even-handed approach in discussions, guiding the couple toward issue resolution. Divorce mediation in New Jersey is also a far more affordable approach to divorce. Divorce litigation is a very expensive, adversarial process that is far more time-consuming and damaging than divorce mediation, particularly when children are involved.

Mr. De Metro focuses on helping New Jersey couples develop long-term solutions that will curtail post-divorce litigation (i.e. limiting the necessity for modifications to the divorce agreement), which is costly and stressful to both parties.

Our Location
Our location in the town of Montclair in Essex County provides easy access to all Northern New Jersey. Montclair is easily accessed from most major routes in New Jersey, including the New Jersey Turnpike (exit 16W to Route 3 West), the Garden State Parkway (exit 151, Watchung Ave. and exit 154, Rt. 46 West), Route 46, Route 3, Route 80, Route 280, and Route 23 (Pompton Turnpike). Montclair, NJ is served by NJ Transit trains and buses.
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